Perfect Panties for Plus Size Women

Plus size women, unless they are determined enough to pull them off, are advised to refrain from wearing revealing thongs and G-strings. Thongs and G-strings, which are especially designed for a more breezy feel, do not provide enough support to hold a woman’s bottom. Aside from that, these types of undergarments don’t give much justice when it comes to accentuating a woman’s curves.

Refraining from thongs and G-strings doesn’t mean that plus size women are banned from wearing sexy plus size panties. Plus size women don’t need to wear very revealing underwear to be sexy. Some less revealing types of panties make plus size women feel sexier and confident by perfectly sculpting their curvaceous figures. Here are the different types of panties perfect for plus size women:

Plus size boy shorts

Boy shorts, which are also referred to as boyleg briefs or booty shorts, are the types of panties whose cut goes all the way down to the hip area. The boy shorts variety of large underwear are preferred by most plus size women because they are comfortable, practical, and stylish. Boy shorts, which are usually available in cotton, are perfect alternatives to pajamas and nightgowns during warm summer nights. Another reason for the popularity of boy shorts? No visible panty lines! With boy shorts, women are saved from resorting to thongs every time they wear white-colored or tight-fitting pants.

Plus size control panties

Other good examples of plus size underwear for women are plus size control panties. Control panties, which are also referred to as control briefs, are panty girdles featuring higher waists and longer legs. Plus size control panties do wonders to a woman’s body by lifting and shaping the backside area while tucking and flattening the stomach area. Skirts and pants, regardless of their cuts or styles, will simply glide over the back and tummy area with the help of plus size control panties.

Plus size bikinis

Plus size women can also wear bikinis. Yes, bikinis. With the proper knowledge on how to choose panties for their body types, plus size women can actually pull off a bikini. Bikini underwear, which are usually half of the two-piece bikini swimsuit, are slightly revealing skimpy panties. The feature that makes bikinis stand out from the other types of panties is the provision of less coverage to the midsection. For plus size women, it is advisable to choose bikinis from the sports variety. Like control panties and boy shorts, sports bikinis also feature an elastic waist band to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. Sports bikinis, which are primarily designed for beach volleyball players, are also resistant to skin soreness or irritation caused by friction.

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