Shapewear Panties for Plus Size Women

It used to be that the word “sexy” describes only “perfectly measured” 36-24-35 women like Ms. Perfect Ten herself, Bo Derek. Over time, people have been more open-minded about the true meaning of sexiness. Being sexy is now measured by the way a woman carries herself and not by her vital statistics. Today, the word “sexy” is used not only to describe Victoria’s Secret angels like Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen but also curvaceous divas like Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson.

The types of undergarments especially made to help women of all body types in enhancing their lovely curves are shapewear. Shapewear, which are also referred to as foundation garments, are the types of undergarments specifically designed to enhance body shapes for a more flattering form. With shapewear, women are now able to achieve their desired forms without enduring the pain of wearing corsets. Here are two types of shapewear panties that all plus size women should have:

Control briefs

Control briefs, which are also called control panties, are shapewear panties with high waists and long legs. Made from highly stretchable material such as Lycra, control briefs are especially made for sculpting a plus size woman’s body to accentuate her curves. The high waist of control briefs flattens the stomach area to hide any unflattering belly bulges while the long legs control the limb area to control thigh flabs. Because of their highly stretchable property, control briefs also emphasize a woman’s bottom by perfectly shaping her buttocks. These types of body shaping underwear are perfect for plus size women who love wearing bottom-hugging jeans and tight-fitting dresses.

Body briefer

Another type of shapewear is the body briefer. Body briefer, which is made from highly elasticated fabrics, is a swimsuit-like one-piece shapewear covering not only a woman’s bottom but also her breasts. The primary function of a body briefer is similar to that of a girdle – it flattens the tummy and shapes the buttocks. Aside from flattening the tummy and shaping the buttocks, a body briefer also helps in emphasizing a woman’s bust area. The upper part of the body briefer, which rests over the bust area, helps in shaping the breasts into a more desirable form. These types of body shaping underwear are available in strapless and strapped varieties. The other features of a body briefer include leg straps for additional support and structural wires for extra shaping. These types of shapewear are perfect for women who love wearing form-fitting clothes and super-skinny denims.

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Three Must-have Panties for Plus Size Women

Comfort, smoothness, and style. Those are the top three factors that most women look for when shopping for the perfect pair of panties. The things that plus size women consider the most when choosing a pair of panties is somewhat different from the others. For plus size women, the perfect pair of panties is the one that is capable of hiding their physical insecurities. Big bellies, huge thighs, full bottoms… these are the body parts that most plus size women wish to hide. Fortunately, some varieties of plus size panties are especially made to solve their dilemma. Here are the three types of panties that every plus size woman should have:

Tummy support panties

First on the list of the three must-have panties for plus size women is a pair of tummy support panties. Tummy support panties are high-waisted underwear that sculpt a woman’s lower body by flattening the stomach area. These types of big girls underwear are usually made from stretchable materials that control the wearer’s tummy in place. By controlling the tummy, tummy support panties are able to hide belly bulges. Another great thing about tummy support panties is their ability to carefully shape a woman’s behind for a sexier appearance. Tummy support panties are perfect for all body types and they are highly recommended for women with unflattering tummy flabs or unevenly shaped buttocks.

Perfect for: skinny jeans and high-waisted skirts

Control shapewear

Another must-have pair of panties for plus size women is control shapewear. Control shapewear, as the name suggests, is a line of undergarment especially designed for controlling firmness while shaping the body. Contrary to popular belief, most control shapewear are actually very comfortable to wear. The material responsible for the elasticity and comfort of control shapewear is Lycra. Lycra, which is a type of spandex material, is a lightweight synthetic fiber with extreme elasticity. The great thing about Lycra is that it allows the wearer to breathe freely while it controls the unflattering body flabs. Other impressive features of Lycra-made control shapewear include sweat resistance, everlasting smoothness, and chafing resistance.

Perfect for: body-hugging dresses and tight-fitting jeans

Boy short panties

Some of the most common underwear complaints of women are visible panty lines. While most women find a solution to this problem by wearing thongs and G-strings, plus size women still find difficulty in dealing with those revealing panty lines. Just recently, plus size women are introduced to an innovative line of anti-panty line underwear called boy short panties. Boy short panties, which are also referred to as boy shorts or boylegs, are shorts-like types of undergarment that wrap around the hips. By extending to the lower hip area, boy short panties are able to camouflage themselves, helping the wearer avoid visible panty lines. Other impressive features of boy shorts panties are their comfortability, practicality, and stylishness.

Perfect for: micro-mini skirts and light-colored dresses

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Three Panties that Plus Size Women Should Avoid

Fashion, as evidenced by the raised eyebrows and harsh comments of the fashion police, has many rules. You can’t mix plaids with polka dots, wear black socks with white shoes, or match tangerine tops with purple trousers. Fashion comes with so many rules that women need the approval of their friends before purchasing a prom dress.

Plus size women are also included in the target list of the straightforward and unforgiving fashion police. Aside from not wearing a swan dress on an important awards night, plus size women should be aware of the three types of panties that they should refrain from wearing. Here are the three types of panties that plus size women should avoid:


One of the most common problems of plus size women is their bulging bellies. Plus size women are advised to refrain from wearing hiphuggers. Hiphuggers, which are also referred to as hipsters, are the types of large underwear featuring a waistband that goes around the hips. These types of plus size panties should be avoided by plus size women because they allow tummy flabs to move freely. Because the “waistband” is positioned around the hips, the tummy lacks any structural support to hold it in place.


Another underwear no-no for plus size women is a pair of thongs. Thongs are barely noticeable panties featuring a thin strip of fabric that connects the crotch area of the garment to the waist band. Although they allow enough ventilation and hide panty lines, thongs should still be avoided by plus size women. Plus size women are advised to fight the temptation of purchasing a pair of itsy-bitsy thongs because the last thing that plus size women need is a pair of underwear that exposes their butt cheeks. The ideal pairs of panties for plus size women are those from the control panties or panty girdle varieties that perfectly shape their bottoms.


G-strings, no matter how popular they are, should be avoided by plus size women. Aside from being too revealing, these types of undergarment have very minimal support for a woman’s bottom. G-strings are only composed of a narrow piece of material that covers the crotch area and a string that holds it in place. Plus size women are not recommended to wear G-strings because these types of underwear are not designed to flatten the tummy or shape the buttocks. Since the common reason of wearing G-strings is to avoid prominent panty lines, plus size women are advised to go for the long leg panties or boy shorts varieties instead.

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Panties that Sculpt Plus Size Bodies into Perfection

Everybody has something to hide and plus size women are no exception. Plus size women, before the invention of plus size clothing, used to struggle when it comes to finding the perfect outfit to accentuate their curves and highlight their assets. Most clothing items available then are either tight enough to show unflattering flabs or skimpy enough to reveal unnecessary bulges.

The most common problems of plus size women are their full figures, their bulging tummies, and their huge thighs. One way of dealing with unwanted flabs is to wear the correct pair of panties for your body type. Plus size panties, like the other types of undergarments, are now available in a variety of designs and styles. Plus size panties, from ribbon-clad shapewear panties to zebra-printed boylegs, can actually sculpt plus size bodies into perfection:

For women with full figures: panty girdles

The most common body type of plus size women are full figures. Curvaceous and voluptuous women need to find the perfect pair of panties to complement their full-figured bodies. The must-have body shaping underwear for full-figured women are panty girdles. Panty girdles, which are combinations of panties and girdles, are the types of underwear that shape a woman’s entire bottom. These types of big girls underwear do wonders by flattening the tummy, shaping the buttocks, and firming the thighs.

Alternative: shapewear panties

For women with bulging tummies: tummy support panties

Another common problem among plus size women is their bulging tummy. A visibly bulging tummy, especially when wearing skinny jeans or tight-fitting skirts, can easily turn a fabulous outfit to an unflattering one. The secret to hiding a bulging tummy is to choose tummy support panties. Tummy support panties, which feature high-waisted cuts, sculpt a woman’s body by tucking in the tummy area and therefore hiding the bulges. Aside from flattening the tummy area, tummy support types of plus size panties also contour a woman’s buttocks for a sexier look.

Alternative: waistshaper panties and control briefs

For women with bigger thighs: long leg panties

The solution for “slimming” big thighs is a pair of long leg panties. Long leg panties, as the name suggests, are the types of underwear with seamless long legs. The length of these shorts-like underwear goes all the way down to the thighs to control firmness. Aside from hiding big thighs, long leg panties also help in shaping sexier buttocks. High-waisted varieties of long leg panties, like tummy support panties, also flatten the tummy area. The ideal material for long leg panties is Lycra. Aside from being very comfortable and highly elastic, Lycra is also resistant to perspiration and chafing.

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Tips on Choosing Maternity Panties for Moms-to-be

Pregnancy is probably the best thing to ever happen in a woman’s life but it is also the most challenging. Aside from carrying a child for nine months, moms-to-be also gain extra weight during pregnancy. Pregnant women, even the likes of Jessica Alba or Halle Berry, fall in the plus size category because of the weight they put on during pregnancy.

Women, including those who are huge enough to carry quintuplets, can still feel beautiful and sexy during their pregnancies. One of the secrets to feeling beautiful and sexy inside and out during pregnancy is to wear the perfect pair of maternity panties. Here are some tips on choosing maternity types of plus size panties:

Choose a higher spandex content.

Maternity panties are especially designed to allow moms-to-be to comfortably grow their bellies. The elasticity is made possible by the spandex content of these types of plus size panties. Spandex, which is resistant to abrasion, is a very lightweight and highly elastic synthetic fiber. It is so elastic that it allows up to 500% of material stretching! By wearing a pair of maternity panties with a higher spandex content, moms-to-be are able to comfortably grow as huge as the baby requires.

Opt for more comfortable cuts.

One of the biggest no-no’s in maternity wear is a tight-fitting undergarment. For moms-to-be, plus size panties should be anything but binding. Moms-to-be are advised to opt for maternity panties that provide their bellies with enough room to breathe in. Maternity panties, after all, are designed without elastic waist bands for the same reason. Another reason to avoid tight-fitting plus size panties is the inevitable discomfort. Aside from tight-fitting underwear, moms-to-be are also advised to refrain from wearing plus size panties that are too loose. Besides the obvious reason of the possibility to fall off easily, maternity panties that are too loose provide very minimal support for a pregnant woman’s growing belly.

Select a proper waist band position.

There are actually three basic types of maternity panties according to waist band position: underbelly, midbelly, and pull-on belly maternity panties. Underbelly maternity panties, which are perfect for women on their first months of pregnancy, are the types of plus size panties hitting below the belly. These types of maternity panties are perfect for shaping and supporting a woman’s growing belly. Midbelly maternity panties, as the name suggests, are plus size undergarments hitting at the middle of the belly. Perfect for women on their second trimester of pregnancy, midbelly maternity panties not only provide moderate coverage of the belly area but also provide maximum belly comfort. The pull-on belly varieties of panties have highly elastic waists without clearly defined panels. These types of maternity panties may hit either mid-belly or under belly, depending on the wearer’s preferences. These types of plus size panties are recommended not only for women on their last trimester of pregnancy but also for post-pregnancy mothers and full-figured women.

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Where to Buy Plus Size Panties for Women

One of the fastest growing businesses in the fashion world is the plus size clothing industry. Plus size clothing, especially plus size panties, are constantly gaining popularity among full-figured women. Plus size women around the world are feeling prettier and sexier than ever because of the wonders of plus size panties. Plus size panties, which come in a variety of styles and colors, are especially designed to emphasize the assets and accentuate the curves of full-figured women. The three most popular sellers of plus size panties are lingerie stores, online retail stores, and auction sites.

Lingerie stores

Number one on the list of where to buy plus size panties for women is, of course, lingerie stores. Lingerie stores, which are usually located inside malls or in fashion boutiques, are specialty shops offering a wide variety of undergarments for women. Plus size women, especially those who are unsure about the perfect plus size panties for their figures, are advised to visit lingerie stores whenever they need a new pair of panties. Most customer service representatives in lingerie stores are fully knowledgeable about different undergarments and they can provide reliable suggestions and recommendations when it comes to choosing plus size panties.

Online retail stores

Plus size women with very little time to visit the mall can always visit online retail stores to browse through the latest line of big girl underwear. To find a list of online retail stores offering plus size panties, just type in the keywords “buy plus size panties” on your preferred search engine. Because of the popularity of online shopping, online shoppers may be overwhelmed by the number of generated results. Women are advised to narrow down the results by specifying their searches. Some of the keywords to use are “buy plus size panties with tummy control”, “buy plus size control shapewear”, or “buy plus size string bikini”. Online shoppers may pay for their purchases either by using online money transfers or by entering their credit card numbers and claim their plus size panties via personal pick-ups or door-to-door deliveries.

Auction sites

Some of the most popular interactive shopping option today are auction sites. Auction sites are online types of businesses following an auction format in selling items. Plus size panties, like almost every type of product known to man, are now available for bids in most auction sites. Like in traditional auctions, interested buyers have to place their bids to show their desire of purchasing plus size panties. The plus size panties offered in most auction sites are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs that include everything from red plus size women’s briefs with tummy control to white polka dot plus size boy shorts.

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Perfect Panties for Plus Size Women

Plus size women, unless they are determined enough to pull them off, are advised to refrain from wearing revealing thongs and G-strings. Thongs and G-strings, which are especially designed for a more breezy feel, do not provide enough support to hold a woman’s bottom. Aside from that, these types of undergarments don’t give much justice when it comes to accentuating a woman’s curves.

Refraining from thongs and G-strings doesn’t mean that plus size women are banned from wearing sexy plus size panties. Plus size women don’t need to wear very revealing underwear to be sexy. Some less revealing types of panties make plus size women feel sexier and confident by perfectly sculpting their curvaceous figures. Here are the different types of panties perfect for plus size women:

Plus size boy shorts

Boy shorts, which are also referred to as boyleg briefs or booty shorts, are the types of panties whose cut goes all the way down to the hip area. The boy shorts variety of large underwear are preferred by most plus size women because they are comfortable, practical, and stylish. Boy shorts, which are usually available in cotton, are perfect alternatives to pajamas and nightgowns during warm summer nights. Another reason for the popularity of boy shorts? No visible panty lines! With boy shorts, women are saved from resorting to thongs every time they wear white-colored or tight-fitting pants.

Plus size control panties

Other good examples of plus size underwear for women are plus size control panties. Control panties, which are also referred to as control briefs, are panty girdles featuring higher waists and longer legs. Plus size control panties do wonders to a woman’s body by lifting and shaping the backside area while tucking and flattening the stomach area. Skirts and pants, regardless of their cuts or styles, will simply glide over the back and tummy area with the help of plus size control panties.

Plus size bikinis

Plus size women can also wear bikinis. Yes, bikinis. With the proper knowledge on how to choose panties for their body types, plus size women can actually pull off a bikini. Bikini underwear, which are usually half of the two-piece bikini swimsuit, are slightly revealing skimpy panties. The feature that makes bikinis stand out from the other types of panties is the provision of less coverage to the midsection. For plus size women, it is advisable to choose bikinis from the sports variety. Like control panties and boy shorts, sports bikinis also feature an elastic waist band to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. Sports bikinis, which are primarily designed for beach volleyball players, are also resistant to skin soreness or irritation caused by friction.

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Tips on Choosing Panties for Plus Size Women

“Do I look good?” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions addressed by a woman. Physically looking good is always on a woman’s mind whenever she dresses-up. She carefully picks out a dress, match it with a pair of shoes, add a couple of accessories, apply some make-up, and waits for another person’s approval before she finally admits that she really does look good.

Amongst all females, plus size women are the most conscious when it comes to their physical appearance. Plus size women, especially the full figured ones, seem to have mastered the art of pinpointing what’s wrong with an outfit. “My tummy bulges” or “My behind is too big” are just some of the most common complaints of plus size women about their bodies. The secret to having a naturally tucked tummy and a perfectly shaped bottom, actually, is to choose the right pair of panties. Here are some tips on choosing panties for plus size women:

Stick to your size.

Most plus size women share the common dilemma of admitting their actual lingerie size. The ultimate no-no is to purchase a pair of panties that are a few sizes lower than your actual size. Wearing inappropriately sized panties will only show tummy bulges, cause clothing discomfort, or restrain proper breathing. Women are advised to stick to their actual sizes. Plus size women, after all, can still be as sexy as fashion models.

Choose comfort.

Comfort should always come before style. The most important tip in choosing plus size panties is to select a pair that provides enough comfort. But what are comfortable plus size panties? Comfortable plus size panties have leg openings that don’t ride up, crotch areas that don’t irritate, and elastic bands that don’t squeeze in much of the body. In short, comfortable plus size panties make women feel like they are not wearing any undergarment. On casual days, women are advised to stick to plus size panties made of cotton or microfiber. Big girls underwear made from cotton and microfiber provide the most comfort. Aside from providing extra comfort, plus size panties made from cotton or microfiber are also easy to wash. Plus size undergarments made from cotton or microfiber, unlike those from the silk or nylon variety, are washing machine-safe.

Go for high-waisted panties.

The main concern of most plus size women is their bulging tummy. One of the best ways to hide a bulging tummy is to hold it in with a high-waisted pair of plus size panties. High-waisted panties, especially those from the Lycra variety, can fully cover a woman’s bottom. They sculpt a woman’s body by tucking in the bulges from the tummy area. By wearing high-waisted panties, women gain more confidence in wearing A-line skirts or skinny jeans.

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