Tips on Choosing Panties for Plus Size Women

“Do I look good?” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions addressed by a woman. Physically looking good is always on a woman’s mind whenever she dresses-up. She carefully picks out a dress, match it with a pair of shoes, add a couple of accessories, apply some make-up, and waits for another person’s approval before she finally admits that she really does look good.

Amongst all females, plus size women are the most conscious when it comes to their physical appearance. Plus size women, especially the full figured ones, seem to have mastered the art of pinpointing what’s wrong with an outfit. “My tummy bulges” or “My behind is too big” are just some of the most common complaints of plus size women about their bodies. The secret to having a naturally tucked tummy and a perfectly shaped bottom, actually, is to choose the right pair of panties. Here are some tips on choosing panties for plus size women:

Stick to your size.

Most plus size women share the common dilemma of admitting their actual lingerie size. The ultimate no-no is to purchase a pair of panties that are a few sizes lower than your actual size. Wearing inappropriately sized panties will only show tummy bulges, cause clothing discomfort, or restrain proper breathing. Women are advised to stick to their actual sizes. Plus size women, after all, can still be as sexy as fashion models.

Choose comfort.

Comfort should always come before style. The most important tip in choosing plus size panties is to select a pair that provides enough comfort. But what are comfortable plus size panties? Comfortable plus size panties have leg openings that don’t ride up, crotch areas that don’t irritate, and elastic bands that don’t squeeze in much of the body. In short, comfortable plus size panties make women feel like they are not wearing any undergarment. On casual days, women are advised to stick to plus size panties made of cotton or microfiber. Big girls underwear made from cotton and microfiber provide the most comfort. Aside from providing extra comfort, plus size panties made from cotton or microfiber are also easy to wash. Plus size undergarments made from cotton or microfiber, unlike those from the silk or nylon variety, are washing machine-safe.

Go for high-waisted panties.

The main concern of most plus size women is their bulging tummy. One of the best ways to hide a bulging tummy is to hold it in with a high-waisted pair of plus size panties. High-waisted panties, especially those from the Lycra variety, can fully cover a woman’s bottom. They sculpt a woman’s body by tucking in the bulges from the tummy area. By wearing high-waisted panties, women gain more confidence in wearing A-line skirts or skinny jeans.

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