Shapewear Panties for Plus Size Women

It used to be that the word “sexy” describes only “perfectly measured” 36-24-35 women like Ms. Perfect Ten herself, Bo Derek. Over time, people have been more open-minded about the true meaning of sexiness. Being sexy is now measured by the way a woman carries herself and not by her vital statistics. Today, the word “sexy” is used not only to describe Victoria’s Secret angels like Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen but also curvaceous divas like Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson.

The types of undergarments especially made to help women of all body types in enhancing their lovely curves are shapewear. Shapewear, which are also referred to as foundation garments, are the types of undergarments specifically designed to enhance body shapes for a more flattering form. With shapewear, women are now able to achieve their desired forms without enduring the pain of wearing corsets. Here are two types of shapewear panties that all plus size women should have:

Control briefs

Control briefs, which are also called control panties, are shapewear panties with high waists and long legs. Made from highly stretchable material such as Lycra, control briefs are especially made for sculpting a plus size woman’s body to accentuate her curves. The high waist of control briefs flattens the stomach area to hide any unflattering belly bulges while the long legs control the limb area to control thigh flabs. Because of their highly stretchable property, control briefs also emphasize a woman’s bottom by perfectly shaping her buttocks. These types of body shaping underwear are perfect for plus size women who love wearing bottom-hugging jeans and tight-fitting dresses.

Body briefer

Another type of shapewear is the body briefer. Body briefer, which is made from highly elasticated fabrics, is a swimsuit-like one-piece shapewear covering not only a woman’s bottom but also her breasts. The primary function of a body briefer is similar to that of a girdle – it flattens the tummy and shapes the buttocks. Aside from flattening the tummy and shaping the buttocks, a body briefer also helps in emphasizing a woman’s bust area. The upper part of the body briefer, which rests over the bust area, helps in shaping the breasts into a more desirable form. These types of body shaping underwear are available in strapless and strapped varieties. The other features of a body briefer include leg straps for additional support and structural wires for extra shaping. These types of shapewear are perfect for women who love wearing form-fitting clothes and super-skinny denims.

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