Three Must-have Panties for Plus Size Women

Comfort, smoothness, and style. Those are the top three factors that most women look for when shopping for the perfect pair of panties. The things that plus size women consider the most when choosing a pair of panties is somewhat different from the others. For plus size women, the perfect pair of panties is the one that is capable of hiding their physical insecurities. Big bellies, huge thighs, full bottoms… these are the body parts that most plus size women wish to hide. Fortunately, some varieties of plus size panties are especially made to solve their dilemma. Here are the three types of panties that every plus size woman should have:

Tummy support panties

First on the list of the three must-have panties for plus size women is a pair of tummy support panties. Tummy support panties are high-waisted underwear that sculpt a woman’s lower body by flattening the stomach area. These types of big girls underwear are usually made from stretchable materials that control the wearer’s tummy in place. By controlling the tummy, tummy support panties are able to hide belly bulges. Another great thing about tummy support panties is their ability to carefully shape a woman’s behind for a sexier appearance. Tummy support panties are perfect for all body types and they are highly recommended for women with unflattering tummy flabs or unevenly shaped buttocks.

Perfect for: skinny jeans and high-waisted skirts

Control shapewear

Another must-have pair of panties for plus size women is control shapewear. Control shapewear, as the name suggests, is a line of undergarment especially designed for controlling firmness while shaping the body. Contrary to popular belief, most control shapewear are actually very comfortable to wear. The material responsible for the elasticity and comfort of control shapewear is Lycra. Lycra, which is a type of spandex material, is a lightweight synthetic fiber with extreme elasticity. The great thing about Lycra is that it allows the wearer to breathe freely while it controls the unflattering body flabs. Other impressive features of Lycra-made control shapewear include sweat resistance, everlasting smoothness, and chafing resistance.

Perfect for: body-hugging dresses and tight-fitting jeans

Boy short panties

Some of the most common underwear complaints of women are visible panty lines. While most women find a solution to this problem by wearing thongs and G-strings, plus size women still find difficulty in dealing with those revealing panty lines. Just recently, plus size women are introduced to an innovative line of anti-panty line underwear called boy short panties. Boy short panties, which are also referred to as boy shorts or boylegs, are shorts-like types of undergarment that wrap around the hips. By extending to the lower hip area, boy short panties are able to camouflage themselves, helping the wearer avoid visible panty lines. Other impressive features of boy shorts panties are their comfortability, practicality, and stylishness.

Perfect for: micro-mini skirts and light-colored dresses

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