Tips on Choosing Maternity Panties for Moms-to-be

Pregnancy is probably the best thing to ever happen in a woman’s life but it is also the most challenging. Aside from carrying a child for nine months, moms-to-be also gain extra weight during pregnancy. Pregnant women, even the likes of Jessica Alba or Halle Berry, fall in the plus size category because of the weight they put on during pregnancy.

Women, including those who are huge enough to carry quintuplets, can still feel beautiful and sexy during their pregnancies. One of the secrets to feeling beautiful and sexy inside and out during pregnancy is to wear the perfect pair of maternity panties. Here are some tips on choosing maternity types of plus size panties:

Choose a higher spandex content.

Maternity panties are especially designed to allow moms-to-be to comfortably grow their bellies. The elasticity is made possible by the spandex content of these types of plus size panties. Spandex, which is resistant to abrasion, is a very lightweight and highly elastic synthetic fiber. It is so elastic that it allows up to 500% of material stretching! By wearing a pair of maternity panties with a higher spandex content, moms-to-be are able to comfortably grow as huge as the baby requires.

Opt for more comfortable cuts.

One of the biggest no-no’s in maternity wear is a tight-fitting undergarment. For moms-to-be, plus size panties should be anything but binding. Moms-to-be are advised to opt for maternity panties that provide their bellies with enough room to breathe in. Maternity panties, after all, are designed without elastic waist bands for the same reason. Another reason to avoid tight-fitting plus size panties is the inevitable discomfort. Aside from tight-fitting underwear, moms-to-be are also advised to refrain from wearing plus size panties that are too loose. Besides the obvious reason of the possibility to fall off easily, maternity panties that are too loose provide very minimal support for a pregnant woman’s growing belly.

Select a proper waist band position.

There are actually three basic types of maternity panties according to waist band position: underbelly, midbelly, and pull-on belly maternity panties. Underbelly maternity panties, which are perfect for women on their first months of pregnancy, are the types of plus size panties hitting below the belly. These types of maternity panties are perfect for shaping and supporting a woman’s growing belly. Midbelly maternity panties, as the name suggests, are plus size undergarments hitting at the middle of the belly. Perfect for women on their second trimester of pregnancy, midbelly maternity panties not only provide moderate coverage of the belly area but also provide maximum belly comfort. The pull-on belly varieties of panties have highly elastic waists without clearly defined panels. These types of maternity panties may hit either mid-belly or under belly, depending on the wearer’s preferences. These types of plus size panties are recommended not only for women on their last trimester of pregnancy but also for post-pregnancy mothers and full-figured women.

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