Panties that Sculpt Plus Size Bodies into Perfection

Everybody has something to hide and plus size women are no exception. Plus size women, before the invention of plus size clothing, used to struggle when it comes to finding the perfect outfit to accentuate their curves and highlight their assets. Most clothing items available then are either tight enough to show unflattering flabs or skimpy enough to reveal unnecessary bulges.

The most common problems of plus size women are their full figures, their bulging tummies, and their huge thighs. One way of dealing with unwanted flabs is to wear the correct pair of panties for your body type. Plus size panties, like the other types of undergarments, are now available in a variety of designs and styles. Plus size panties, from ribbon-clad shapewear panties to zebra-printed boylegs, can actually sculpt plus size bodies into perfection:

For women with full figures: panty girdles

The most common body type of plus size women are full figures. Curvaceous and voluptuous women need to find the perfect pair of panties to complement their full-figured bodies. The must-have body shaping underwear for full-figured women are panty girdles. Panty girdles, which are combinations of panties and girdles, are the types of underwear that shape a woman’s entire bottom. These types of big girls underwear do wonders by flattening the tummy, shaping the buttocks, and firming the thighs.

Alternative: shapewear panties

For women with bulging tummies: tummy support panties

Another common problem among plus size women is their bulging tummy. A visibly bulging tummy, especially when wearing skinny jeans or tight-fitting skirts, can easily turn a fabulous outfit to an unflattering one. The secret to hiding a bulging tummy is to choose tummy support panties. Tummy support panties, which feature high-waisted cuts, sculpt a woman’s body by tucking in the tummy area and therefore hiding the bulges. Aside from flattening the tummy area, tummy support types of plus size panties also contour a woman’s buttocks for a sexier look.

Alternative: waistshaper panties and control briefs

For women with bigger thighs: long leg panties

The solution for “slimming” big thighs is a pair of long leg panties. Long leg panties, as the name suggests, are the types of underwear with seamless long legs. The length of these shorts-like underwear goes all the way down to the thighs to control firmness. Aside from hiding big thighs, long leg panties also help in shaping sexier buttocks. High-waisted varieties of long leg panties, like tummy support panties, also flatten the tummy area. The ideal material for long leg panties is Lycra. Aside from being very comfortable and highly elastic, Lycra is also resistant to perspiration and chafing.

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