Three Panties that Plus Size Women Should Avoid

Fashion, as evidenced by the raised eyebrows and harsh comments of the fashion police, has many rules. You can’t mix plaids with polka dots, wear black socks with white shoes, or match tangerine tops with purple trousers. Fashion comes with so many rules that women need the approval of their friends before purchasing a prom dress.

Plus size women are also included in the target list of the straightforward and unforgiving fashion police. Aside from not wearing a swan dress on an important awards night, plus size women should be aware of the three types of panties that they should refrain from wearing. Here are the three types of panties that plus size women should avoid:


One of the most common problems of plus size women is their bulging bellies. Plus size women are advised to refrain from wearing hiphuggers. Hiphuggers, which are also referred to as hipsters, are the types of large underwear featuring a waistband that goes around the hips. These types of plus size panties should be avoided by plus size women because they allow tummy flabs to move freely. Because the “waistband” is positioned around the hips, the tummy lacks any structural support to hold it in place.


Another underwear no-no for plus size women is a pair of thongs. Thongs are barely noticeable panties featuring a thin strip of fabric that connects the crotch area of the garment to the waist band. Although they allow enough ventilation and hide panty lines, thongs should still be avoided by plus size women. Plus size women are advised to fight the temptation of purchasing a pair of itsy-bitsy thongs because the last thing that plus size women need is a pair of underwear that exposes their butt cheeks. The ideal pairs of panties for plus size women are those from the control panties or panty girdle varieties that perfectly shape their bottoms.


G-strings, no matter how popular they are, should be avoided by plus size women. Aside from being too revealing, these types of undergarment have very minimal support for a woman’s bottom. G-strings are only composed of a narrow piece of material that covers the crotch area and a string that holds it in place. Plus size women are not recommended to wear G-strings because these types of underwear are not designed to flatten the tummy or shape the buttocks. Since the common reason of wearing G-strings is to avoid prominent panty lines, plus size women are advised to go for the long leg panties or boy shorts varieties instead.

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